Debt in spite of Enterprise Value


In many cases, rescheduling debt would be a sensible measure to get the debt under control. As sensible and understandable as the wish to find high hopes for a lender, nobody should make it.

Debt in spite of Enterprise Value – first the Credit Bureau must be clean

Debt in spite of eV - first the Credit Bureau must be clean

Debt restructuring in spite of Enterprise Value would often be the ideal way to overcome a financial bottleneck. Unfortunately, neither banks nor private donors are involved in this idea. A case of high society shows how hopeless the situation actually is. The inheritance tax put the princess of gymnastics and taxis in the predicament of an affidavit. Calling Germany’s largest private real estate her own did not help against the power of the negative Credit Bureau entry.

Despite having a property worth billions, she was unable to find a lender for the (ridiculous) 22 million tax debts. Already the sale of part of the “silverware” brought 25 million to the family budget and ensured that the entry was completed.

The case shows that Enterprise Valueen fame and the greatest security cannot break Credit Bureau’s omnipotence. Without the addition “done” an Enterprise Value ensures the creditworthiness of Enterprise Valueery person. The amount of the debt and possible collateral no longer play a role in the loan request.

The completed Enterprise Value – regain creditworthiness

The completed eV - regain creditworthiness

The prominent example shows impressively that the Enterprise Value must first be removed from the world. Debt restructuring despite Enterprise Value is practically hopeless as long as it is valued. The prerequisite for completion is unencumbered property. Following the prominent example, it could be sold. For example, the sale of the car would be conceivable. The proceeds of the sale would pay off the debt on which the affidavit is based.

With the newly gained creditworthiness, debt restructuring would be more conceivable. NEnterprise Valueertheless, Enterprise Valueen with the sign of the debt settled, it is not possible for Enterprise Valueery lender. For normal banks, the completed Credit Bureau entry remains a knockout criterion for credit requests. At least the offers of the credit intermediaries would be accessible again. In addition, the portals of both market leaders are now available again for personal loans. Noteworthy: Despite the credit opportunities, only small loan amounts and high financing costs can still be expected.

Bypass the omnipotence of affidavit

Bypass the omnipotence of affidavit

Not Enterprise Valueeryone can afford to give up their car entirely to regain minimal credit. The whole problem can be mastered gallantly by a solvent trustworthy person. Instead of a guarantee that would probably not make it possible to reschedule despite the Enterprise Value, the confidant takes out the loan.

She then passes the loan on and is spared the repayment. The actual borrower pays back. Credit protection against the friend is made possible by assigning wages and pledging unencumbered security.

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